Personal Injury Services – Vibration White Finger

If you are exposed to vibration beyond the normal levels you can get a condition called Vibration White Finger. Vibration white finger also known as hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a recognised disease under the industrial injuries scheme. The condition affects the fingers, hands and arms. The symptoms in this condition include white fingers, coldness, aches, pains tingling sensations and numbness  Vibration

White Finger usually derives from the operation of power tools such as;

  • pneumatic drills
  • power drills
  • vibrating plates
  • chain saws
  • power sanders
  • grinders


Workers that are most at risk are:

  • road workers
  • workers in the construction industry
  • railway workers
  • Mechanics
  • miners
  • building contractors
  • forestry workers.

Workers using equipment that may cause HAVS are protected by guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that training and safety equipment are provided, regular breaks are taken and all equipment is regularly maintained when using vibrating power tools.  However if it can be shown that employers have been negligent and have contributed to your condition you could be entitled to a handsome compensation.   Here at Harris & Green Solicitors we believe that you have a right to justice and are entitled to white finger compensation from your employer.