Personal Injury Services – Road Traffic Accidents – RTA

If you were a driver, a passenger, a pedestrian or even cyclist/motorcyclist, provided someone was at fault in causing the injuries, you will be able to pursue a claim for compensation. At Harris & Green Solicitors we have an in-depth experience in dealing with all manners of road accident claims.   The law allows you to claim for losses and injuries which were directly attributed to the accident. Not only can you claim for damages for injuries caused by the accident but also financial losses such as loss of earnings for time off work as a result of your injuries, travel expenses, items damaged in the accident and so on.

Despite significant improvements in road safety RTA’s are a much too familiar site. The severity of these cases varies from minor whiplash to fatalities. RTA’s can often have long term affects to the persons injured and to their families.  Here at Harris & Green Solicitors we have a specialist team of Personal injury solicitors dedicated to dealing with personal injury cases for many types of road traffic accidents including but not limited to:


  • Car crash claims
  • Whiplash claims
  • Bike accident claims
  • Motorcycle accident claims
  • General road traffic accident claims on behalf of drivers, passengers and pedestrians

You can still claim even if the person responsible is uninsured or even if he flees the scene. A compensation claim can still be pursued with the Motor Insurers Bureau scheme (MIB).  That is not a worry for you, that is something our experts will process if that should be the case.