Personal Injury Services – Our Process

How our process at Harris and Green Solicitors works:

  • Free Initial consultation helps us establish an understanding of the claim.
  • If the case is genuine we pass the case to an expert to handle your case.
  • We will investigate and gather evidence to back up your case.
  • A letter of claim will be sent to the other party/insurers stating that you intend to claim for the injuries caused by their fault. They then have up to four months to investigate the claim.
  • A Medical expert is instructed to evaluate your injuries.
  • Schedule of losses is prepared for you to claim any financial losses you have occurred.
  • Schedule of losses will be sent to the defendants asking them to pay.
  • If the case is accepted the defendant accepts liability the compensation amount is then negotiated with the defendant.
  • Your claim is settled and you are paid out your compensation and the solicitors costs.
  • However if the case is disputed by the defendant and an agreement cannot be agreed upon then the case goes to Court.

No Win-No Fee

  • A truly revolutionary way to handle your claim, with no risk to your finances!
  • If your claim is successful we will recover all our charges along with your compensation from the other side.
  • If your claim is unsuccessful then you will not billed for any time spent on your claim.
  • Unlike many firms we do not ask for you to fund any of the expenses of running the claim.