Immigration UK – Naturalisation

There are several different routes to Naturalisation.

If you have been settled in the United Kingdom for one year and been living in the United Kingdom for 5 years or if you are married to a British citizen and have been living in the United Kingdom for 3 years you may qualify to naturalise.

A summary of the rules that have to be met to qualify in these circumstances is listed below.   If you have been living in the United Kingdom for 5 years and have had settlement for 1 year

  • You must have been living in the United Kingdom for five years continuously. Normally, you must not have been absent from the United Kingdom for more than 450 days in total and not more than 90 days in the year immediately before you apply. Sometimes if you have been absent for a little more than the number of days specified, the Home Office will exercise their discretion and still grant you citizenship. However, it is important that you get advice in relation to this.
  • You must have been physically present in the United Kingdom on the date five years before the application is received by the Home Office.
  • You must have had no time limit on your stay in the United Kingdom for at least one year before you make the application.                      –  You must pass a test to show that you have knowledge of life in the UK as well as a sufficient level of English or alternatively attend Citizenship and English language classes. See for further details.
  • You must be of good character. Enquiries may be made to see if you are a security risk to the United Kingdom or if you have any criminal convictions. Checks are also usually made to see if you are financially solvent. This is not to see whether you can support yourself without public funds in the Untied Kingdom, but to establish whether or not you are bankrupt.
  • You must have an intention to continue to live in the United Kingdom once you are granted British citizenship.

If you satisfy all of the above rules, you will be required to attend a citizenship ceremony and at this ceremony, swear your allegiance to the Queen.