Immigration UK – EEA Residence Card

Welcome to Harris & Green Solicitors’ EEA Residence Card section.

If you are in the UK already and are married or in a committed relationship with an EEA national who is exercising Treaty rights, you could be entitled to an EEA Residence Card which will allow you to stay and work for 5 years.

You can obtain the right to stay in the UK if your European family member is working in the UK either as an employee or as self-employed person, is studying or is economically self-sufficient.

* Students and the economically self-sufficient must hold comprehensive medical insurance.

If you are not yet in the UK, should read the EEA Family Permit section here.

Harris & Green solicitors have over 15 years experience of submitting successful EEA applications. With the knowledge and skill that we have acquired across 15 years of practicing immigration law, we will guide you through the evidential requirements and assist you from start to finish with your application.  Ensure a successful application by contacting us today.

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