Family Law Services – Adoption

Our lawyers can provide specialist advice on the issue of adoption law.

You may wish to adopt a child into your family or indeed challenge someone’s right to adopt your child. In those cases we can help you to deal with the matter and get through what can be a stressful process.

Only a court can make a Adoption order. Only a court can make an adoption order. The effect of the order is that the birth parents no longer have rights and responsibilities are given to the adoptive parents.

Before the court can make an adoption order, the court has to be satisfied of all of the following:

  • the child was under the age of 18 when the application was made
  • the child is not – or has never been – married or in a civil partnership
  • both birth parents have given their consent to the adoption

Your application will be considered on the basis of whether you can meet the adopted child’s needs. It does not matter whether you own your own home or are in or out of work.

You and all adult members of your household will be required to have a police check.

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