Immigration UK – Accommodation

The applicant will need to demonstrate they have adequate accommodation in place for them when they are in the UK.

The size of the property will depend on the size of the family, as well as the number of people living there.

In order to demonstrate the property is available for the applicant, a number of documents will need to be provided, such as tenancy agreement or mortgage statements, title deeds and a property inspection report.

Genuine Relationship

Many of our clients ask us “how do we show our relationship is genuine?” This is a good question.

The genuineness of a relationship is very subjective and at Harris & Green Solicitors, our solicitors have assisted hundreds of applicants meeting the requirements of the Immigration Rules through the preparation of tailor-made documents, such as letters of references from friends and family, personal statements and other similar paperwork which is specific to the client’s case.

English Language

For applicants who are nationals of non-English majority speaking countries, they will need either pass an external English Language test at level A1 or above; or to have done a UK degree (or equivalent according to NARIC), which was taught in English.

Our UK qualified immigration Solicitors at Harris & Green Solicitors specialise in cases that involve family members. Having over 15 years of practical experience, we have the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of the Immigration Rules to ensure you obtain a successful outcome.

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