Family Law

We ensure that each client is taken care of consistently Every client gets the best service possible at every stage to the high standard.


 We are dedicated to providing concise expert legal advice We strive for high standards in a simple and professional manner.

Personal Injury

A truly revolutionary way to handle your claim, with no risk If your claim is unsuccessful then you will not billed Tooltip! to your finances!

Family law

Harris and Green Solicitors have recently extended their services to include family law. Although we are family law solicitors in Leeds, we don’t just cover the Leeds area. Our family law clients are national and span the whole of the UK.

Family Law is sensitive and can require a keen understanding of the technicalities that divorces, agreements, violence, forced marriages and other family law issues can bring.

We have a great and experienced family law department now, who have many years of experience dealing with family law issues specific to the UK. 

Our family law services are definitely services we are proud to shout about.

Please read more about our Family law services. Sometimes, it’s easier to just pick up the phone and speak to a senior straight away. Call us on 01132 707 002 and ask for the family law department. Good Luck.



Are you looking for clear and no nonsense immigration advice and assistance that delivers results?

Well look no further. Call us on 0113 270 7002 and notice the difference!

Harris & Green Solicitors can help with entering, or settling in the UK.

Our dedicated Immigration Solicitors have helped thousands of satisfied clients in resolving their immigration problems. Harris & Green Solicitors has earned a reputation as a leading firm in UK Immigration and Human Rights law both nationally and internationally.


Harris & Green Solicitors is a specialist immigration law firm with over 40 years of professional experience. Our UK immigration specialists have the necessary skills, experience and know-how of what your application needs to succeed. We have a reputation for honesty in the industry and have assisted thousands of clients relocate and extend visas in the UK

We understand that having irregular immigration status, or a family member with an immigration issue can be extremely stressful. We aim to offer an efficient, sympathetic and cost-effective service to our clients.

We specialise in acting for children in immigration matters – cases which need careful and sensitive handling. We have close links with Harris & Green Family law team, and can call on the expertise of colleagues in other departments, when needed making it easier and convenient for you.

Unlike many other immigration law firms which are more narrowly focused, our immigration lawyers handle all aspects of the work – everything from business immigration through to private family immigration. This means we have a huge breadth of knowledge and experience to draw on when coming up with the best solution to our clients’ problems.

A detailed list of key areas of work handled by our immigration team appears below. The list is not exhaustive and if your particular problem does not appear to be listed, please contact us on 0113 270 7002 or email us for a call back on, as we may be able to help.

Why Us?

  • Over 40 years legal experience
  • UK immigration specialists
  • Simple Clear Advice that you can understand 
  • Honest, Reliable, reassuring, effective
  • Fixed Fee Structure with no hidden costs 
  • You Will Save Money
  • You will Save Time 
  • You We will think Ahead 
  • Outstanding personal service
  • Same Day preparation service available 
  • Premium Home Office Service available 


Personal Injury

Personal injury, whether road traffic accidents, or slips and trips are a nasty business. There once, not so long ago, were personal injury shops at almost every corner, and the TV was just bellowing out personal injury services, some offering money to buy your personal injury claim from you and then just letting it sit on the side to accumulate high costs from the other personal injury party they are claiming for. It’s true, personal injury became a minefield of services. Personal injury in Leeds was no different.

Today, personal injury regulations have changed and we welcome any personal injury changes for the positive.

Thankfully, the government took action before personal injury services became unmanageable, and regulations stepped up.

Bike Accident
Personal injury companies in Leeds, or anywhere in the UK for that matter can not offer free gifts and money to buy claims anymore, thankfully things are a lot greener than before.

However, some personal injury solicitors in Leeds are now cutting costs out of your personal injury compensation and this is in their small print, so please be aware.

Harris and Green personal injury solicitors do not take from your compensation… this is yours and yours alone to keep. We do have terms and conditions before we accept any personal injury claims, each is different depending on the personal injury claim,  so it is important you contact us and get a straight forward answer before realizing you may have fallen into something you wish you had not.

We tell you all this upfront, because we put our clients needs first, it is that simple.